George Ripley Award

George R. Ripley - Class of 1858

The George Ripley Alumni Association Student Humanitarian Award, named in honor of the Alumni Association’s first president, George Ripley, Class of 1858, recognizes a senior who demonstrates commitment to NFA, exemplary leadership, and positive impact upon student life.

Past recipients of this award are Tom Teixeira ’09, Derell Wilson ’10, Abby Healy ’11, Amanda Gregg ’12, Justin Morin ’13, Allison Grant ’14, Hannah Curry ’15, Cichen Lamu ’16, Tayla Willson ’17 and Aleysha Rivera Bocachica '18, Sarah Carter '19, Kennedy Jakan '20, Philip (Digby) Ludlow '20, Karen Lau '21, Zachary Ruta '21, and Ross Blinderman '22.

The application period for this award begins February 1, 2023. The application period ended March 31, 2023.