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Sidney E. Frank Memorial Scholarship

The Frank Memorial Scholarship is awarded every four years to a graduating senior of high academic ability who will attend one of the top colleges or universities in the country. The Scholarship will cover billable college expenses for four consecutive years, provided the student meets the annual eligibility requirements.
Students who apply for the scholarship must plan to attend one of the top 75 universities or one of the top 75 colleges as indicated in the annual US News & World Report rankings. Lists of colleges can be seen here; universities can be viewed here.
The Frank Scholarship is intended to provide a student with a level of financial assistance that will enable the selected student to accept an offer to and attend a highly selective college or university. In other words, without Frank Scholarship funding, the selected student would be forced to reject his/her acceptance to such an institution. Mr. Frank was accepted to Brown University, but was forced to drop out after his first semester due to his family's financial situation. While he eventually became a successful and wealthy businessman, he never returned to college or received a degree. He deeply regretted that. His wish, when establishing the Frank Scholarship, was to guarantee that a qualified NFA student would receive a four-year degree without suffering economic hardship or being forced to withdraw from studies.