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Program Support

Donor contributions to benefit Norwich Free Academy programs are vital to our ability to expand the curriculum, stay abreast of advances in technology and equipment, offer innovative and interesting courses, and so much more. Every day, donor generosity impacts every student and every classroom on campus.

Field Trip

Brickview Access: Our culinary students provide food and service for our on-campus cafe, The Brickview. Our Brickview vouchers program is a way for teachers, counselors, and administrators to reward students for a job well done, an improvement in grades or behavior, or to simply brighten a student's day.  Vouchers are $10 each and allow a student to order an appetizer, entree, and dessert from the Brickview's daily menu.

Wildcat Loft Toiletries: The Wildcat Loft offers clothing, toiletries, and school supplies to any student in need, free of charge. The work of the Wildcat Loft helps our students maintain their dignity and health, and, with these basic needs being met, helps them learn and achieve in the classroom and beyond.

Field Trip Access: Field trips allow students to explore new places and have access to hands-on-learning experiences. Experiential learning is essential to an excellent education. The Foundation is proud to support these experiences, helping both students and faculty to learn and grow as they apply their learning to the field.

Pregame Meals for Student Athletes: To perform their best, an athlete must be well-fueled. The Student Athlete Support Fund provides pre-game meals for our student-athletes, ensuring that they have the energy they need to perform their best.