Joan and her husband Donald have a new home in Cocoa Beach, FL. One of their two sons, Thomas, is a member of the Class of 78. They also have six grandchildren and one great granddaughter who is two years old. Although Joan's health has been a challenge due to a stroke in 2015, they were able to celebrate their 66th anniversary with their family at their home. The photo shows the family at the celebration.

Marion worked at NFA from 1943 to 1948, then married and moved to New York where she still resides. She just celebrated her 94th birthday, lives on her own, and keeps active with local seniors and church.

Don and Kitty Shaver Leone Class of 1968 standing under the blossoming cherry trees on the NFA Campus

Don and Kitty celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on June 14 with a photo shoot in celebration of this milestone event at the Academy.  Don and Kitty are active NFA volunteers and look forward to seeing many of their former classmates at reunions.

Edmond and wife, Rosemary, reside in Annapolis, MD.  Although retired, Edmond is still an officer of a drug testing company.

David, "Snapper," recalls a favorite NFA memory of performing as an endman in the N Club minstrel with Buzz Pierson ’49, Hank Congdon ‘50, and Charlie Witt ’49.  Snapper and his wife, a native Austrian, have been married 57 years. Together they have visited Austria about 15 times. 

Ed recently donated an 1898 Belgian Mauser rifle with bayonet and carrying case to Slater Memorial Museum. The rifle and the bayonet are both marked “Hopkins and Allen Arms Co. Norwich.”