Student Assistance Application

Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year!
We have instituted a new process for applications for Student Assistance, including Reid Fund.  All applications will be submitted using a Google Form.  After submission, they will be reviewed by the Guidance and Student Affairs Offices, then forwarded to the NFA Foundation for approval.  
Because of this new digital application, teachers can complete the form on behalf of the student. There is no need to send the student to Guidance or Student Affairs to pick up a request form.  If your class requires, for example, a workbook or lab fees and your student comes to you requiring assistance, please fill out the form and we will process the application and confirm eligibility.  
For questions related to academic-based needs, please contact Jessica Vocatura, Guidance Director at, x5600

For question related to uniforms and field trips (please note that field trips are not an option at this time), please contact John Iovino, Student Affairs Director, at, x5510

For general inquiries about Student Assistance funding and how NFA Foundation helps our students, please contact Kathy McCarthy, NFA Foundation Executive Director at, x5547