Faculty and Staff Resources

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Norwich Free Academy’s faculty and staff invest their time and talents in unique and noteworthy ways each day. The Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign allows our dedicated team to extend their contributions to include philanthropic support of the institution and students we care about so deeply. Each day NFA teachers, administrators, coaches, and staff have the opportunity to see first-hand that charitable gifts provide immediate impact in the classrooms and on campus. Our philanthropy is among the defining characteristics that distinguish NFA and allows us to provide a robust learning environment where students are free to discover their talents, passions and interests. Be one of NFA's strongest advocates by making your commitment to the Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign.

2021-22 Gift Designations

  • Unrestricted support of the NFA Fund positions the Foundation to be able to assist with needs in classrooms and throughout campus as they are identified throughout the year. Your gifts to the NFA Fund ensure students have the tools they need to learn, access to enrichment activities and technology, supplies, and more.

  • The Reid Fund was established in 1908 to provide assistance to qualifying students throughout the year.  Examples of annual support include required classroom materials, subsidizing college credit programs, participation in field trips and athletics, purchase of caps and gowns, and participation in end of year senior activities. Over the years, Faculty and Staff have provided tens of thousands of dollars to support those NFA students who have the greatest need.

  • In Spring 2022, NFA will embark on a major facility renovation of the 135-year-old roof of the Slater Memorial Museum, a major property of Norwich's Chelsea Parade National Historic District. Replacement of the slate roof, in place since 1886, will protect the integrity of the building as well as the museum's collections. The Slater Roof Restoration Fund will support the project which involves a comprehensive restoration of the roofing system, including slate shingles, replacement of deteriorated substrate, and restoration of the copper ornamentation and detail on the building's exterior. 

  • NFA's post-secondary scholarship offerings are a point of pride and unparalleled in our region.  This year, the Foundation is launching an effort to increase our ability to offer financial aid scholarships for current NFA students in support of our school's strategic initiative to increase enrollment from outside our partner districts on a regional, national, and international scale.